Monday, October 31, 2011

YouTube/Compilation of Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have uploaded a post to my blog . Since my last blog post, my obsession for nail polish has continued, my collection has grown immensly and I've started up a YouTube account conveniently named, "MoDiddie".

I figured since it is Halloween, I'll post some Halloween manicures that I've done. These first three manicures are actually from Halloween 2010; when my love for nail polish and nail art first started. They are a bit messy, but I was a noobie, what do you expect?! :p
This was my very first attempt at freehand. Not too shabby IMO. Not sure what brand/name each color is that I used other than the purple which is China Glaze, 'Grape Pop'.

This Frankenstein nail art design was my second freehand attempt. A little wobbly, but cute nonetheless.

And lastly for the Halloween 2010 edition, is my Halloween inspired water marble. I just took colors that reminded me of the holiday (purple, orange, black and white) and created a water marble/dotticure manicure.

I see a lot of improvement in my freehand skills between this time last year and now. I've created a couple freehand nail art manicures this Halloween season and must admit that practice is paying off.

 First up is my Blood Shot Eye Halloween nail art. I thought this was a neat idea and very fitting for the Halloween season.
If you're interested in seeing how I did this manicure, check out my YouTube video below :)

Next sequence of pictures shows a nail art design that was completely unintentional. I started off swatching a new polish that I had bought that day: China Glaze 'Midtown Magic'.
Pretty color, however I quickly grew bored of it and decided to try my hand at creating a pumpkin on an accent nail.
I've never been one with much artistic ability, so the pure fact that this came out resembling an actual pumpkin was exciting to me! So, the art continued onto my thumb. The moon actually has glow in the dark polish on it, but my camera taking skills are poor and I could not figure out how to capture the glow on film.

Since I rarely use oranges, I figured it was the best time to use some of my untried nail polishes. I grabbed China Glazes 'Papaya Punch' and China Glaze 'Cross Iron 360' and created an orange dotticure.
It's a simple manicure, but if you're interested in seeing me do this, check out the video below :)

I can't remember the name of the YouTuber that inspired this next manicure, but here is my attempt at a spider infested manicure :)

I saw this next mani done by several YouTubers and figured it was too cute not to give it a try! A mummie manicure! Just recently 'MySimpleLittlePleasures' did her take on this mummy mani and added 'googly eyes' to the eyes! I thought that was such a fun and creative touch to an already awesome manicure.

If you've made it this far in my post, I want to thank you for taking the time and checking out my nail art. I plan on posting regularly since doing nails is theraputic for me and sharing my NOTD's is something I love to do! I hope those who celebrate Halloween have a safe and fun night and I will see you in the next post! Bye! <3