Thursday, June 21, 2012


Happy Thursday night! It feels like this week just hung around forever doesn't it?! Yesterday felt like Friday to me so when I realized it was only Wednesday, well you can imagine how that felt. Sucks when that happens, right!? 

Okay, so onto the reason you guys are reading this; a new manicure! I did this manicure over a week ago, maybe close to two weeks ago and I have no idea why I've forgotten to post it! It's one of my favorites. It's bright, girlie and adorable! 

I first tried to do a water marble using these colors but they were being fussy and were not being cooperative. I loved the colors together and figured I'd do something else. This is what I came up with!

The all over color is Revlon 'Lilac Pastelle' and then I used SH 'Blue Me Away', ChG 'Peachy Keen', Orly 'Green Apple' and OPI 'A Grape Fit'. For the hearts and white acrylic paint for the little dots!


I hope you all like this manicure, and I'll catch ya later!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Two posts in one day?! That's right. You do not need to adjust your eyeballs. :D Hello again my friends. I just finished doing my stepdaughters nails and am so excited about them that I had to post this before I go to sleep! 

She's a pretty hardcore Spongebob fan. Has been since.. well, as long as I can remember. It came as no surprise that she would be willing to let me practice my freehand on her, and do a Spongebob manicure. Did it come out cute? She chose China Glaze 'Dorothy Who?' for her all over color on her nails. For Spongebob, we used:
*ChG 'Happy Go Lucky' (all over color)
* Sally Hansn 'Blue Me Away' (Eyes)
*FingerPaints 'Primary Color' (dimples)
*Mixture of Sonia Kashuk 'Tauped' & 'Happy Go Lucky' (spots on Spongebob)
*White and Black acrylic paint for all white/black spots 

I hope you guys like it! I know I do! Talk to you all tomorrow!


Hey guys! Happy hump day! Not going to lie; it took me quite awhile to figure out why Wednesday was called "hump day". But, I get it now. :D

Today's manicure is "quite strange" according to my dad. I went to lunch with him and he couldn't quite understand why each nail was painted a different color. LOL! 

I've been trying to do a water marble with these 5 colors, but they don't seem to play nicely with each other! I knew I wanted to use this color combo and this is what I did instead. This is actually the second manicure I came up with using these five colors. The first manicure will be posted on Friday because I have a tutorial video on it going up on Friday as well.

Thumb: Revlon 'Lilac Pastelle'
Pointer Finger: ChG 'Peachy Keen'
Middle Finger: Orly 'Green Apple'
Ring Finger: Sally Hansen 'Blue Me Away'
Pinky Finger: OPI 'A Grape Fit'

This picture was taken with my Instagram. If you want to follow me on Instagram, search for Mo Diddie! :D I take a picture of my manicure every day. I hope everyone has a good Wednesday and I good rest of the week, and I will see you all very soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Hello my beautiful readers! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of this new week! Today was a nice day for me. My step daughter got fitted for her cheer uniform for next years cheer season and it was really nice to see her and all of her teammates so pumped for next year! 
Anyways, today I wanted to share with you this green checkered manicure I did a few days ago. I posted in my last blog post about this gorgeous polish by China Glaze called "Shooting Stars" that I have recently been layering over pretty much everything! Well, I decided to just build on from my current manicure which was Pure Ice 'Not Now' with that "Shooting Stars" over it. 
I love to do that when I'm in a pinch for time but really bored of my current manicure. I created a checkered manicure with Sinful Colors "Innocent". 
I got the idea for this manicure from a fellow blogger by the name of Chloe's Nails who I first saw this design from. Cute stuff, right?!

It's been awhile since I played around in my makeup but I loved this color combo so much that I decided to dust off my eyeshadow palettes and do my makeup to match my nails! Fancy, fancy! :D

If you want to see how I did this manicure, you can click on the video below! I hope you enjoyed this manicure! I will talk to you all very soon!


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Let's take a moment to forgive Amanda (me!) for being absent for so long. I have been so lazy since this last semester ended and I have been taking the words, "summer break" quite literally.  But, I'm back and I have quite a few posts ready to go live, so yay!

I've been wanting to show off this lovely little number ever since I bought "her" a month or so ago. (I like to refer to pinks, purples and any other feminine color as a "her" and all other, masculine-like polishes as "him". Is this weird?) This polish is UH-MAZING! I showed it off on MUA last night and and there were girls who wrote me back and said they just purchased it because of my post!

The polish I am referring to is China Glaze's "Shooting Stars". It's an absolutely stunning clear based polish was lots of tiny holographic glitter in it and then some large glitter pieces in it too. It reminds me of ChG "Techno" but even better! It's definitely a layering polish, so here are two pictures of two different manicures I wore using it over top another polish.
This one is Pure Ice "Not Now" with ChG "Shooting Stars" on top.

This is ChG "Let's Groove" with "Shooting Star" on top.

Ladies and gentlemen, this polish is a beauty. I wasn't too sure which collection this polish came from because of the two years or so I have been collecting, I had never seen or heard of it before. A sweet girl on MUA told me it was from the Specialty Glitters collection that was released in 2009 some time. I found it at a small beauty supply store near my house but that was the only place I've seen it. It's become a staple in my collection for sure.

So anywhoozle, I wanted to swing in and say hello to everyone and let you all know that I am back! If you guys have Instagram, you can find me on there: Mo Diddie. I'm a total addict <3
Talk to you all again very soon!