Saturday, June 9, 2012


Let's take a moment to forgive Amanda (me!) for being absent for so long. I have been so lazy since this last semester ended and I have been taking the words, "summer break" quite literally.  But, I'm back and I have quite a few posts ready to go live, so yay!

I've been wanting to show off this lovely little number ever since I bought "her" a month or so ago. (I like to refer to pinks, purples and any other feminine color as a "her" and all other, masculine-like polishes as "him". Is this weird?) This polish is UH-MAZING! I showed it off on MUA last night and and there were girls who wrote me back and said they just purchased it because of my post!

The polish I am referring to is China Glaze's "Shooting Stars". It's an absolutely stunning clear based polish was lots of tiny holographic glitter in it and then some large glitter pieces in it too. It reminds me of ChG "Techno" but even better! It's definitely a layering polish, so here are two pictures of two different manicures I wore using it over top another polish.
This one is Pure Ice "Not Now" with ChG "Shooting Stars" on top.

This is ChG "Let's Groove" with "Shooting Star" on top.

Ladies and gentlemen, this polish is a beauty. I wasn't too sure which collection this polish came from because of the two years or so I have been collecting, I had never seen or heard of it before. A sweet girl on MUA told me it was from the Specialty Glitters collection that was released in 2009 some time. I found it at a small beauty supply store near my house but that was the only place I've seen it. It's become a staple in my collection for sure.

So anywhoozle, I wanted to swing in and say hello to everyone and let you all know that I am back! If you guys have Instagram, you can find me on there: Mo Diddie. I'm a total addict <3
Talk to you all again very soon!

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