Sunday, May 20, 2012

DulceCandy87' 600k Subscriber Contest. My submission.

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a manicure I did for DulceCandy87's 600k subscriber contest on YouTube. I'm not entirely sure if this counts towards the contest or not because she said to do a makeup or hair tutorial based on one of her prior videos. I've wanted to do this manicure prior to the contest so either way, this particular manicure was bound to happen. I found my inspiration from an outfit she posted in one of her videos. A nice neutral top with a splash of neon yellow and pink! Love it!
To see exactly how I did this manicure, I'll post my tutorial at the bottom of this page. When I was trying to capture this manicure in a picture, none of the pictures from my digital camera were coming out color accurate. My cell phone took the most accurate pictures so that I was I have included in this post!

I finished it up outlining the neons! It was a must and totally polished up the entire manicure; kind of like eye liner does with a dramatic makeup look.

I hope you all like this manicure. If you try it out, I'd love to see it!
To see exactly how I did this manicure, you can check out the video below!

I'll talk to you guys later!


  1. Great job. This would have looked amazing with this outfit. I hope she accepts your entry. good luck.

  2. Very nice, fresh and bright.

  3. These a gorgeous!! Great work, good luck!