Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Diagonal Dotticure Mani

ChG For Audrey. So many people raved and raved about this color so I decided well, it must be a good one. Nope. It gives me lobster hands like crazy and to be honest, the color is a bit "bleh" to me. I guess it became popular because it is the exact color of "Tiffany & Co". I bought it last year, swatched it once and basically set it aside to collect dust. I decided to dig it out of my stash yesterday to give it another try so to speak and see if I can find a way to love it.

I didn't love it at all and actually lost any inspiration I had once I saw it on my nails. Ick

This mani actually started off as a newspaper mani, but I couldn't get the print to transfer onto my nails so instead of removing my polish for the millionth time, I decided to just go with it and, out of boredom, I created this: A diagonal dotticure! :)

I can't stand ChG For Audrey by itself, but I really like it paired with another color like this one by Pure Ice called, 'Kiss Me Here'. Thankfully I was able to save this train wreck of a mani, because I thought my fingers were going to dry up and fall off if I had to remove my polish one more time with that acetone.

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  1. I am totally stalking your blog right now and you have some really great ideas! I am going to use this one in different colors for my own blog!