Friday, February 3, 2012

Gradient Dotticure Manicure and *Update* :)

This week has been nutso! Completely crazy! I went from having tons of free time to having very little. As some of you who follow my YouTube video may know, I recently moved.. as in a few days ago. The new semester also started at my college so between packing up the old house, unpacking at the new house, going to school and handling my wifely duties, I have had little to no time to do my nails. I actually wore one manicure for seven days straight! That never happends!

 Since I finally am getting nestled into the new house and things are settling down a bit I figured I'd take a breather and update my blog. Because I haven't done my nails in a bit, I wanted to share with you a dotticure I did a month or so ago. It came out a tad messy, but I am still smitten with it! :) I hope you enjoy this manicure, and as soon as I get my nail area put up (all my polishes and racks are sitting on the floor!! *sad face*) and in order, I'll be whippin up new manicures I'm sure daily! LOL See ya in the next post!

Polishes Used:
China Glaze- First Mate
China Glaze- Secret Peri-Winkle
Ghina Glaze- Light As Air
Pure Ice-
Sinful- Snow Me White
Sinful- Black On Black


  1. Hello, new follower reporting for adoration! Love this because I am a polkaholic! I thought these were sequins when I first saw them. Looks beautiful x

  2. Hi! I too am a freak for a polka dot manicure! Theyre easy and look awesome! Its a win, win! :)

  3. This looks AMAZING!!! I first thought it was stamped because it looks so perfect~Awesome job! I'm a huge polka dot fan myself! =)

  4. that is amazing looking! so perfect!