Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Springtime Tape Manicure!

Spring is here and it's time to dismiss the dark vampy winter colors and welcome in the bright colors for spring. I grabbed the brightest blue (ChG 'Flyin High'), pink (ChG 'Rich and Famous') and purple (ChG 'Spontaneous') in my stash and went to work. Initially I was going to do a water marble with these three colors but decided that I have done a lot of those recently and went for this striped design instead.

I took several pictures during the process of doing this manicure, but it was late at night and my lighting at night is terrible. The picture quality came out horrendous so I'll try to explain how I did this manicure with words instead.

Firstly, I painted three vertical stripes on each nail using the three colors from my stash that I chose. After the polish dried, I applied Sinful Colors 'Smoking Hot' to the entire nail to give it that glitter effect and then applied Seche Vite top coat. While I waited for the nails to dry completely through, with scissors I cut up several strips of scotch tape. Once my nails were COMPLETLEY dry (approx. 10 mintes) I did my best to place the tape on my nails evenly and as straight as possible. You can see in the picture above that I chose to change the direction of the diagonal lines in each nail but obviously you dont have to. Once I was happy with the placement of my tape, I painted over the nail again with Sinful Colors 'Black On Black' and immediately removed the tape before the black polish had a chance to dry. I do this because if the black polish were to dry before I lifted the tape, it would leave a messy line instead of a nice crisp line. Again I applied Seche Vite to the finished design and thats it! Pretty simple.
I hope you guys enjoyed this manicure! Talk to ya soon!


  1. This is stunning and I love the color combo :)

  2. The colors remind me of sour candies or something... I love it!

    1. Me too! The airhead extreme sour strips I think are what theyre called!

  3. I absoloutly love this!. I attempted this design on my sisters nails and it was a complete fail:(. Was kinda upset but maybe ill try again late.