Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi guys! I feel like I am so behind on my blog. Like, I'll scroll through pictures on my computer of recent manicures I've worn and realize that there's like five that I haven't posted on my blog! I think Instagram is partially to blame. Raise your hand if you've become an Instagram addict! *raises BOTH hands*. As I've stated before, I basically change my manicure daily.. sometimes like today, I'll change them twice in one day. It's become easier for me to grab my phone, take a picture and upload it straight to Instagram than to grab my camera, take a picuture, upload it to my computer, resize, watermark.. blah blah blah. I guess what I am saying is, if you want to see EVERY manicure I am wearing, stalk my Instagram (search MoDiddie). I still will be posting here, but I hate feeling stressed that not EVERY SINGLE manicure I've worn and taken a picture of is on my blog. I'll just post my favorite manicures here on my blog.

Like this one. Ha, like that sweet transition? :D Because the 4th of July is this week (Wednesday), I thought, "What better way to start the week than with this patriotic American flag manicure?!" I posted this tutorial on YouTube (the video will be posted at the bottom of this page) a couple days ago and I have recieved so much positive feedback on it. I know not everyone on here follows my YouTube so I wanted to share this manicure with my blog friends as well! So here they are! 

I just LOVE these! I wore these out and about and people literally stopped me. One lady actually just grabbed my arm! HAHA! They look like they could be semi difficult to do, but honestly they're really simple. If you want to see exactly how I did them, check out the video below. :D

If you guys try this design out, I'd love to see your rendition of it. Happy Independance Day to my fellow American followers! I hope you guys enjoy this nail art design and I will catch you guys later!



  1. Hi Amanda, beautiful attempt! Looking amazing!

    Following your blog!

    Checkout mine and follow back

  2. HI, so I love these nails, and I truly admire your work,, but I am really wondering what is the name of this font this on your blog? I love it so much !

  3. Many different things to consider as act of patriotism but I think owning nylon us flag on your house or any business establishment is a good idea indeed.