Wednesday, November 2, 2011

China Glaze 'Let It Snow' Haul/Swatches

China Glaze 'Let It Snow' collection is jam packed with twelve gorgeous glitter, metallic and creme polishes; all perfect for the fall and Christmas. I went to my local Sallys on a whim one night just to look around and low and behold they had some of these babies on display! They only had six polishes from the collection out and luckily for me, two of them were the ones I had been eye balling since hearing about this collection.

The first one I grabbed is 'Twinkle Lights'. Shocked? Of course not. I'm a feind for a multi-glitter nail polish! This beauty is a clear based glitter polish with loads of gold, red and green glitter throughout. I thought I would use this polish for layering but after swatching this polish on it's own, undies are not needed! I used four coats to satisfy my want for opacity and it turned out so beautifully that I have been wearing it for three days! (I generally get bored after a day or two of the same mani)

The other polish I have heard raves about and peaked my interest is 'Snow Globe'. For this one, I struggled getting an accurate picture but it is a clear base glitter polish with irridescent glitters and large irridescent hexagon shaped glitters throughout. Now this one for me is definitely a layering polish so I applied it over the last polish I got from this collection, 'Icicle'. 

'Icicle' is a silver foil/metallic polish. I don't generally buy these types of polishes because they are messy to remove and silver usually gives me major lobster hands, but the way this one looked with all the other ones, it was just too pretty not to buy. 

It's definitely not a unique color, but it's beautiful nonetheless. I got it home and immediately it reminded me of a similiar polish I had; Sonia Kashuk's 'Smoke and Mirrors'. I decided to compare the two:

The slight difference I see from comparing the bottles is S&M's is a bit more metallic and looks to be a tad bit lighter than 'Icicle'.

These polishes are so similiar that in my opinion if you have either of these, the other one isn't necessary. The only thing that I like more about 'Icicle' is that it doesn't leave uneven streaks like S&M's does.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and I'll see you in the next post! Bye! <3

Update Nov 4,2011

I meandered back to Sallys yesterday and they had the entire 'Let It Snow' collection out! How did I look past 'Blue Year's Eve' when I was looking at swatches?! What a perfect winter blue! It's a dark yet bright blue and it is UH-mazing! <3

Everything in this blog was purchased myself. I am not getting paid for this blog post.

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