Monday, March 12, 2012

A Girlie Vintage Floral Manicure!

How often do you do a manicure and fall absolutely in love with it? Not just like it, but LOVE it?!  I'm quite hard on myself when it comes to my manicures and I feel like there is always room for improvment no matter what. I am quick to point out any flaws in my application and/or design but this one I oogled over for days. DAYS! Very rarely can I completely ignore the minor mishaps and admire the manicure in it's entirety. This one was one of those; where I couldn't stop staring at it kind of a thing.  This vintage floral design has been running rampit all over YouTube. Some people's interpretation of vintage is different, but this is my take.

Polishes Used:
*ChG 'Designer Satin'
*ChG 'For Audrey' (accent nail color)

Girly, pink and fun! Just the way I like it! Until the next post... :)