Saturday, March 10, 2012

MoDiddie's Must Have: Essie 'Pink-A-Boo'

Hi guys! This absolutely phenominal nail polish I am swooning about today has prompted a new blog idea. This was the first time I had ever layed eyes on a polish and thought, "I need to blog about this!" This sparked the idea to do a "MoDiddie's Must Have" series where I will do random posts about a nail polish that I am really loving. So here is the first post: Essie's 'Pink-A-Boo'.
I was at Target gathering up some house hold necessities and as usual on my way to check out I casually made my way towards the nail polish section just to "check it out". I never just "check it out" but it's great verbiage to convince hubby that I have no intentions of buying anything. That is, until I get there, see something I love and tell him why it's so important that I have this/these polishes. Does anyone else do this? Poor hubby never complains; I think he's grown use to this kind of behavior from me. LOL
Ok, I won't keep you guys waiting. This is what I stumbled upon; this delicate pink. I generally pass on these types of colors because they are so dupable and common but this one.. this one is different.

I struggled majorly trying to get a good picture of the pink and blue sparkles in this polish. The pink showed up, but the blue is shy apparently. It has a slight duochrome to it, but nothing too obnoxious which I like because I am not too much of a fan of duochromes. The application was fairly easy and I was able to get total opaqueness in three coats. Here are a few pictures I took trying to capture it's true beauty. Like I said, I struggled getting a decent picture that shows the flecks of pink and blue but just know, in real life this polish is amazing!

This picture was taken in the shade. You can see the blue flecks faintly in the bottle.

 This is in direct sunlight :) My neighbors probably thought I was crazy pacing around my front yard taking pictures of my hands! LOL

 This is the best picture I got as far as showing the flecks of color. Here you can see the loads of pink flecks in this! Gorgeous, right?! Nothing like I own and so pretty!

As usual, I can never leave a plain manicure alone. I dusted off my Konad stuff and started stamping. I originally was going to record it and post it on YouTube, but it didn't go as planned.

For the stamping I used Pure Ice 'Outrageous' and the zebra design on plate M57.

Essie 'Pink-A-Boo' is part of the Resort 2012 collection. There are several gorgeous polishes from that collection so I'm sure I'll be back to snag some more! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will catch ya in the next one!


  1. So pretty! Love the color combination with the stamping!!

  2. I just bought Essie Peek-A-Boo yesterday, can't wait to wear it. I love what you did with it! And great blog - I happened along it while searching for a "dotticure" mani and perused a bit - love! New follower here!!

  3. I used this Essie resort 2012 collection in my video nail art! :)