Monday, March 5, 2012

Hollister Nails?

           These last couple of days I have been unmotivated when it came to painting my nails. With over 300 polishes in my stash, no matter how long I sat there and stared at them, none of them were appealing to me! So for the first time in two years, I went two days with naked nails! All I wore was Rimmel base coat on and I actually really liked it. It was a nice break I guess you could say. This morning I woke up, and like a smoker fiends their morning cigarette, I was beyond ready to paint my nails again. Colette (MySimpleLittlePleasures) posted a video a few days ago declaring March a month for her to use her untrieds. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon. That is what I decided to do today. Every manicure this month is going to include atleast one polish that I have yet to wear. This is what I came up with today! Something simple, but pretty and for some reason it reminds me of Hollister.

I bought this bottle of Rimmel white nail polish expecting it to be a normal bottle of polish! Boy was I in for a suprise. You should have seen my face the first time I opened it and went to paint my entire nail! LOL! Although not what I expected, it was a nice suprise! This little striper brush came in handy for this manicure! It's lovely for intricate details and such!

This manicure was pretty basic. The first polish I used was the untried; Finger Paints 'Artist's Azure' which is a lovely shimmery dark blue. I painted my tips with that color. Then I used the Rimmel striper polish and created a white line under the blue. On my accent nail I used China Glaze 'Velvet Bow' and a dotting tool and created a simple heart which I then lined in white with that same Rimmel polish. I sealed in it with Seche Vite and boom! Thats it! Simple right?!

While writting this blog, I happened to glance up and look into my closet, Here is why this manicure oddly reminded me of Hollister. LOL! It's super similar to a Hollister shirt I own! :) Same color scheme any way.

So, that is all. One more polish I can take off my untrieds list! I hope you enjoyed this manicure and I will talk to you in the next post!


  1. what is the name or number of the rimmel polish you used? it seems like it would come in super handy. thanks!

  2. #110, and it says "French White Nail Tip Liner". :)