Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hey guys! I am unbelievably excited about these four polishes that I purchased yesterday that I could not wait to get them home and play with them. Anyone else ready for NEONS!? I'm bored with crackles, done with magnetics and ready to take a break from the glitters. I meandered into my local Sally's and found these beauties; Finger Paints Summer Neon polishes! This collection has a total of seven polishes, but I only grabbed four of them (for now).

(From left to right we have: Iconic Orange, Inkblot Blue, Pop Art Purple and Silkscreen Green)

Iconic Orange is a loud and "in your face" kind of polish. It screams "Summertime"! It's the ideal summertime pedicure color, and if you're daring it's an awesome manicure color as well! It applied flawlessly and I was able to achieve opacity with two coats and without the need of undies. No streaks or bald spots. It's showing up a bit red in this picture but IRL it's not. It's the ideal highlighter orange.

More like Pop Of Perfection! Seriously. It reminds me of ChG 'Flying Dragon' without the shimmer, which is a plus for me! I had FD, but got rid of it. I loved the base color, but could not stand the glitter. So, 'Pop Art Purple' is basically that; a bright neon purple with no shimmer, no glitter, no nada. This too applied flawlessly without streaks or balding. I was able to achieve complete opacity in two coats.

Out of the four neons I bought in this collection, this one and 'Iconic Orange' are the most daring and the two that really just define what a summer nail polish color should be. It's bright, eye catching and definitely a conversation starter. 'Silkscreen Green', like the rest applied without any trouble and I achieved opacity in two coats! I'll be rocking this manicure for sure.

And lastly from the collection, we have 'Inkblot Blue'. This is the one that I was most excited about. A neon blue?! Bring it! This was the most sheer out of the four but still applied nicely. I was able to achieve full opacity with two coats, but they were thicker coats.

These four polishes in the FP Neon collection are dream-like! I have a few neon polishes and although I like them, what I prefer about these four is they don't require undies.  A lot of neons that I have tried are really sheer and require not only white undies, but sometimes three coats of polish as well. These didn't. I am sure I will be making my way back to Sally's this month to pick up the rest of the polishes in this collection. I really enjoy these so much, that I am actually thinking twice about buying the China Glaze neons. We'll see.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this haul and review. I will talk to you all in the next post!

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